Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September Storm

A terrorist attack on American soil,
Buildings crumbled, thick smoke boiled
So many lives lost, such horrific sights
The tragedy crept on well in to the night
We must come together, all races, hearts and hands
To show ourselves united as our spirit commands
As a new day dawned amidst rubble, smoke and slag
There we saw standing, a flying American flag
We will stand together as a United Nation
And show the world our single determination
We must become one people, let our colors wave
Bury all our lost souls, and honor their graves
We will come together as one, a nation in mourning
And join our leader to extend this heartfelt warning

No matter the horror, however heinous or grave
We are still a great nation, land of the free, home of the brave.

God Bless all those who perished and God help those who caused it!

Jan Herron, Hephzibah, GA

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