Thursday, November 27, 2008

Veterans’ Affairs Secretary Interviewed by Internet-Based Purple Heart Radio

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Veterans’ Affairs Secretary Dr. James Peake used his interview this week with Internet-based Purple Heart Radio to send holiday greetings to service men and women around the world and to the 275,000 employees of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs:

“My message to the men and women serving overseas is one of thanks and appreciation for what they are doing for our country,” Peake said to those serving at home and abroad. “The men and women who serve this nation, putting on the cloth of our country and putting themselves in harm’s way, putting their own personal families a bit on hold while they go to serve their country, are owed a great debt of gratitude….I want them to know that this whole department, Veterans’ Affairs, is really here because of their service and this country’s commitment to making sure that we can care for those who have served this country.”

Peake also praised the work of Purple Heart Services in promoting training and employment opportunities for home-bound disabled veterans.

“I think training and providing employment doesn’t, in this technology-enabled age, have to be distance dependent,” said Peake. “I just commend Purple Heart Services on this approach to being able to provide access to employment, provide access to meaningful engagement. Really, in some ways, it provides access to participation in the community through the leverage of technology.”

Purple Heart Services (PHS) was established by the Purple Heart Service Foundation and combines the Veterans Business Training Center, Purple Heart Radio, Purple Heart Call Center, Purple Heart Tech Support and Purple Heart Cars. PHS provides proven training and support systems and solutions for combat wounded and disabled veterans who work from their home as remote agents.

Peake was interviewed by Purple Heart Radio host “Mr. Z,” who is Afshin Zarenejad, a disabled veteran of the 101st Airborne. Peake closed his interview with his thanks and praise for the employees of his department:

“I have had the real privilege of traveling this country from one end to the other, from east to west, from north to south,” Peake said. “Everywhere I go I am proud of the people that absolutely care – not just deliver the care – but truly care for those we serve. I would tell them that I appreciate tremendously the work that they do every single day in making the lives of our veterans better. Because that’s essential what they do every day by their care and compassion and the focus on doing the right thing.”

To hear the interview in its entirety and to learn more about Purple Heart Radio, visit

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