Friday, May 8, 2009

Is Patriotism Fading Along With Flag Stickers?

PP Note: Just in case you are searching for some flag stickers as we head in to the summer season!

/PRNewswire/ -- A tidal wave of patriotism ... and U.S. flag sticker sales ... began after September 11th, 2001. It was impossible to avoid the flood; almost everyone had a flag sticker on their car and you couldn't go anywhere without seeing the American flag. Gill Studios, one large manufacturer of flag stickers and decals, produced over 31 million flag stickers within a 3-month period in 2001. But the lifespan of a screen-printed, vinyl flag sticker is typically 3-5 years, so many of those flag decals are now long gone. (, a distributor of American flag decals as well as custom stickers, labels and magnets, wants to get the flag back on your bumper. They are currently offering free American flag stickers, a limited edition domed flag decal, and great wholesale prices for bulk quantities of flag stickers so that others can spread the flag and the pride.

"Flag sticker wholesale orders have steadily declined every year since 2001," says founder Jeff Nicholson. "There is a yearly spike in sales before Flag Day and July 4th -- and the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003 boosted sales, but the yearly trend in production and sales has been steadily downward. We want to do what we can to change that. Waving or displaying the flag and supporting our country shouldn't be just for holidays or the start of a war. Let's celebrate our nation every day!" introduced a new web page at to not only sell U.S. flag stickers at wholesale prices but to give flags away for free (4 stickers per SASE). They also introduced a high-end, limited-edition "Still The One" domed flag decal. The LE domed flag decals will be a gift with every bulk order of flag stickers as well as available for sale for a limited time. Only 500 of this domed flag design will ever be produced.

Flag Day is June 14th. Flag stickers are a great, inexpensive giveaway item for any business or used as a fundraising product for many organizations. Flag decals are not only great on cars but also on helmets, hard hats, equipment, products, toolboxes ... anywhere. ( was launched in 1997. Besides selling pre-printed flag stickers the company's main focus is designing and selling custom bumper stickers, decals, labels, magnets and other printed promotional products. They can also customize flag sticker products with company names or add personalized messages to the back of bulk sticker runs.

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